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my productivity level goes down a solid 10 notches when the playoffs are on
especially if the sharks are playing
the fact that it coincides with finals is really unfortunate

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Calgary Stabbing Information Post


So if you’re familiar with Calgary, you may have heard that this morning the community at the University of Calgary woke up to the news that five of their classmates had been stabbed to death just hours after the last day of classes and the ensuing party. 

Here’s a masterpost of important information:

Calgary Herald is providing live, ongoing coverage

CBC liveblog has also been a great source of information

Coverage of the event from the UofC’s student newspaper

University administration released a statement here

Comments from prevalent officials, including the Prime Minister, SU President, University President, Calgary Mayor, along with student reactions

Suspect ID of Calgary’s worst mass murderer

The University IS offering alternative plans for final exams

University is offering support through the Wellness Centre. Phone 403-210-9355 and press 2 for counselling or email sar@ucalgary.ca

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and the entire university community. Our community is strong, and we will find the strength to heal. 

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Geisha hats? Cute my 67 year old aunt’s comment on a facebook picture of my friend and i wearing umbrella hats
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Police say five killed at N.W. house party


this is one of the saddest things that has happened in calgary in a while.

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Beyoncé at Coachella Festival (04/12)